Duck's bad day

4 stars

A guy walks into a bar, carrying three ducks. He has one in each hand and one under his left arm. He places them on the bar, has a few drinks and chats with the bartender. When the patron leaves for the rest room, the ducks are left on the bar. The bartender decides to make conversation.

"What's your name?" he asks the first duck.

"I'm Huey," says the duck.

"How's your day been?"

"Great," he says Huey, "Had a ball. Been slappin' round puddles all day."

The bartender then meets the second duck, "Dewey," and asks about his day "Great," Dewey replies. "Had a ball slappin' round puddles all day too."

The bartender turns to the third duck and says, "You must be Louie."

"No," growls the duck. "My name is Puddles. And don't ask about my day!

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